D&D confidence boost.


Dungeons and Dragons relies on strong social ties in order to succeed. This helps because you’re in a group of people who share common interests all moving towards a common goal. This forms a sense of companionship and allows people to bond. For someone who is possibly lacking confidence this is a great way of coming together with other people and opening up. Since this game relies so much on imagination, anything is possible but the more fantastical the more fun it can be and it makes the person have to think on their feet. These skills carry on into the real world because it allows you to be more creative, open up your imagination, and allows for quick thinking on your feet.


Growing up I played mostly video games since they were my escape. But I feel that because of it I learned how to think slightly different. Its similar for books, but instead of reading them fully, video games are more interactive. Most of the games I played tended to be long role playing games that were based on the similar idea of the table top games presented by the older Dungeons and Dragons games. I found that I was able to analyze different scenarios and reference some of the learned skills. But the idea of creativity and imagination I feel has been what really helps, I feel that people tend to stop dreaming and just live their life, but when I play video games it is like encountering a whole new world and all the wonders that are inside of it and I think that has helped me imagine what my life will be like and when im in situations im unsure of I can use my problem solving skills learned from puzzle games or use my creativity for different projects and to come up with new ideas.


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