Are Lolcats and Memes art?

Here we see the discussion of what classifies as art. According to numerous philosophers something can only be considered art if it is beautiful while others dictate that art can be anything that makes someone feel something in response to it. Even different art historians have different approaches when it comes to this. The video discusses how since memes are created with a purpose to be amusing and to be shared, then why can it not be considered art. Whats not stated in the video is how the definition of things have evolved over time, so to use a definition of something from 200+ years ago could be considered inaccurate because its no longer relevant.


What defines art is an age old question. Whether it has to be beautiful, meaningful, or just something created, I dont believe this will ever be answered because to different people art means different things. Beginning around the start of the 20th century art became different, there were more sculptures and abstract art, things that would not normally be considered art all of a sudden are due to the DaDa movement which they termed the “anti art”. Then as the internet becomes more involved people begin to create more and share these creations. It is said that anything can be art as long as multiple people accept it to be so. There are clearly enough people who believe that memes that are funny enough to be shared around to millions worldwide and have elicited emotions and laughter can be considered art.


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